Dog survives after eating homework

Vet surgically removes pins animal's stomach

By Ashleigh Coran - Executive Producer

DENVER - It's the oldest excuse in the classroom -- my dog ate my homework. The common line was painfully true for one Colorado dog. 

Reggie, a lab, ate his owner's science project. Unfortunately for Reggie, the project wasn't a couple sheets of paper, but rather a mock volcano full of straight pins.

"I came down to my desk and it was all over the floor," said Payton, the dog's owner.

Reggie's family rushed him to the hospital. Sure enough, 50 straight pins showed up on his abdominal X-ray. Some of the pins were removed from Reggie's throat with an endoscope. Then, a vet surgically removed the rest.

Reggie has recovered since the emergency operation.  

As for the mock volcano, Payton handed in a new project and says she received an A grade. 

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