Don't squeeze -- or shrink -- the Charmin

Company responds to customers via Facebook

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Everybody knows not to squeeze the Charmin, but shrinking it is taboo, too.

A Procter & Gamble spokeswoman told Scripps Howard that the Charmin rolls has been reduced by 3/8 of an inch, but adding that it's now using a stronger tissue.  She also said there's been no price hike in the product.

Charmin was busy on Monday answering posts on its Facebook page after many of its fans complained about the smaller-sized toilet paper rolls.

"I'm like most people writing on this post about the smaller size rolls and very disappointed with Charmin for doing this. I will now look for a different supplier and will no longer buy Charmin toilet paper," a customer posted on Facebook.

"Very disappointed that you have chosen to change the width of make your rolls to a smaller size. That was one of the reason I had changed to your brand in the first place. Of course you did this to save production costs but still be able to charge the consumer the same price. Will now have to look for an alternative," another customer named Scott wrote.

Charmin responded to many of the posts, including Scott's, saying, "Hi Scott, so sorry that you are disappointed! We hate knowing that we let you down. When we made these changes, we also invested in the product to bring you a better bathroom experience. We know cost is important and we aim to bring you a great quality product at the best value possible. If there's anything we can do to keep you as a fan and offset your disappointment, please feel free to reach out. Thanks! - Alex, Charmin team."

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