Dunn's fiancée gives emotional testimony

Rhonda Rouer describes night of shooting

By Chris Robbins - Producer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - On the third day of testimony in the Michael Dunn murder trial, Dunn's fiancée described the night Jordan Davis was killed as she and Dunn left his son's wedding.

The couple stopped at Gate gas station so she could go in for wine and chips, and that's when the shooting started.

"I heard 'pop, pop, pop,'" said Rhonda Rouer, Dunn's fiancée. "They said a guy had a gun. I turned around to look and I saw Michael facing out of his car. Michael said get in the car. I must have hesitated, but I didn't move. He just said more urgently, 'Get in the car.'"

Rouer, crying throughout testimony, said neither one called 911. Instead, they went to their hotel, Dunn walked the dog, they made drinks and ordered a pizza. They drove home the next morning after she saw the story on the news.  

State Attorney Angela Corey started the day with a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office crime scene technician, who said he found lots of bullets from Michael Dunn, but no evidence of a gun or anything that looked like it in Davis' car. But Dunn's defense attorney argued that cops didn't search the adjacent lot the teens fled to or any nearby  dumpsters until four days later.

"If someone took that weapon and threw it in a bush and you didn't search it, you won't find it, right?" said Cory Strolla, Dunn's attorney.

Local 6 News' Jacksonville sister station heard from the one of the deputies who arrested Dunn in his Satellite Beach condo complex. Dunn came out with his hands up and three AR-15 rifles pointed at him.

When asked if Dunn complied with his orders, Broward County Sheriff's Deputy Carmine Siniscal said he did. He also said that Dunn showed no signs of disrespect.

A Brevard County investigator said he found Dunn's 9 mm handgun in Dunn's glove compartment and a shell casing on the floor of his car.

Lead Detective Marc Musser confirmed that no one searched the plaza and that the dumpster wasn't searched for four days.

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