Elderly couple attacked outside Walmart

Man, woman accused of violent attack in Deltona

DELTONA, Fla. - Deputies have arrested a man and woman accused of a violent and confusing attack on an elderly couple outside a Deltona Walmart.

The report said the attack happened at the Walmart on Howland Boulevard Monday afternoon.

The couple, Larry and Patricia Sikes, had just walked out of the store when a woman followed and tried to steal the 69-year-old's purse, said Volusia County deputies. But what happened after the purse-snatching was so strange, it left witnesses thinking the suspect was actually a victim.

"I just saw the girl on the ground and the gentleman on top of her, just holding her down," said Juan Dealba, who witnessed Larry Sikes, 69, holding down Tabitha McNair.

McNair screamed for help and even shouted "rape" according to the report, leaving witnesses to think she was the victim.

The real victim, Patricia Sikes, was on the phone with 911 as her husband wrestled with the would-be thief on the ground.

Patricia is heard saying, "Lady came grabbed my purse and my husband's holding her!"

McNair is overheard on the 911 call shouting, "No! No! Help!" in the background as she struggled to get free.

Moments later, witnesses said Steven Gilb ran up and beat Larry bloody.

"With his elbows first, then with his hands, just beating the man," said Dealba.

The suspects injured both the man and his wife.

Gilb and McNair managed to escape the parking lot, while the shocked elderly couple sat in disbelief that grown men stood nearby, but no one helped them.

There's a good reason why, thought.  Witnesses were confused and scared by the gun that fell out of Larry's pants during the struggle.

Dealba said he would have stepped in to help if Sikes was not carrying a gun.

Dealba went on to say, "If he wanted to use the weapon, he could have used it, but he didn't want to hurt the girl, he just wanted to keep her down until police arrived."

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