Email woes trouble Bright House customers

MELBOURNE, Fla. - If you're having problems with your email, you're not alone.

According to Local 6 News partner Florida Today, thousands of Bright House and Time Warner customers across the United States are reporting problems with the Road Runner email system.

Road Runner is a high-speed Internet service provided by Time Warner Cable and its partners, including Bright House Networks. The outage includes many customers in Central Florida whose email suffix includes ""

Titusville businessman and civic leader Bobby Socks said he first noticed his email wasn't working Wednesday afternoon and the problem continued through Thursday.  He went to the Bright House office on Highway 50 about the situation and was told it was a nationwide problem with the Road Runner system.

"They have no idea when it might be fixed," Socks said he was told. "They said they have every resource working on it."

Socks said he receives about 125 emails a day and of those, about 10 are important for his business.

Bright House has issued a brief online statement to consumers about the Road Runner email system but offered no indication when it might be fixed.

"We are experiencing issues with the mail system," the Bright House statement said. "We are working quickly to troubleshoot and restore access to your email. We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience."

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