Evidence released in prostitution investigation linked to Rep. Mike Horner

Horner drops out after name surfaces in Mark Risner's arrest

ORLANDO, Fla. - Dozens of pages of newly released evidence reveal what was going on inside a Central Florida home that doubled as a brothel and was frequented by State Representative Mike Horner.

The home is located at 2318 Vincent Road near Dean Road and Blanchard Park in East Orange County.

According to the newly released court documents, investigators with the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation were first called out to Marc Risner's home in August 2011, after getting an anonymous tip about a possible brothel. In October 2011, agents went through Risner's trash and found torn up pieces of paper. When pieced together, the papers revealed a prostitution client list.

"I think it was awful, yeah, disgusting," said Risner's next door neighbor, Maria Monroig. "Of course, I don't want that going on right next to me."

Agents said there is a sex room in Risner's house with hidden cameras and audio recorders, allowing Risner to watch every sexual encounter.

Some prostitutes told investigators they believe Risner secretly streamed some of the encounters online.

No one answered when we knocked on Risner's door Monday night.

Investigators said it took them over a year to build their case, digging through Risner's trash and finding client lists that included the men's names, occupations and sexual preferences.

Residents said this was all happening in the middle of quiet neighborhood, with a day care center just feet away. Hundreds of men, including doctors, lawyers, even State Representative Mike Horner appear on the list.

Horner was only referred to as a "congressman" named "Mike," but he gave the same phone number as he used for his re-election campaign. The list shows each time, Horner paid $200 dollars for 60 minutes.

Another client was listed as a "Congressman" from the west coast of Florida, but he cancelled. Local 6 did not discover any other public officials on the list.

According to the documents, at least six women brought in $123,000 in 2011. The prostitutes then gave Risner 25 percent, some saying they saw as many as 12 men a day.

Risner was responsible for advertising the brothel online and recruiting new prostitutes at the Turtle Bay pub.

He would also vet the clients and make sure the men had already seen other known prostitutes without causing any problems.

So far, none of the prostitutes or clients named in the documents have been charged in connection with this case.

Risner has been charged with racketeering enterprise, deriving support from the proceeds of prostitution, maintaining a structure for prostitution, direct/transport for prostitution, soliciting or enticing prostitution and aid or abet prostitution.

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