Excessive force trial against Orlando police officer continues

Daniel Daley, 86, suing officer after he says neck was broken from takedown

ORLANDO, Fla. - The trial of an Orlando police officer accused of using excessive force and breaking the neck of 84-year-old man started its third day with a second defense expert taking the stand.

The state rested its case on Wednesday, with Dr. George Kirkham calling Officer Travis Lamont's takedown on Daniel Daley, 86,  a "grossly excessive use of unwarranted force."

Daniel Daley decided to sue the police department after he says Officer Travis Lamont used excessive force on him in 2010. Lawyers for Daley said Lamont broke Daley's neck in the takedown, in which he flipped Daley over.

Kirkham said because of Daley's age, he wasn't a threat to the officer.

Police said Daley was drunk and shoved Lamont and further investigation found Lamont operated within guidelines. Daley said in 2010 he would never hurt a police officer.

In court, Daley told jurors that Lamont violated his civil rights, used excessive force and broke his neck. While on the stand, Daley told jurors it all happened when his car was being towed and touched Lamont on his shoulder to ask for help.

Daley said Lamont then told him not to touch him, flipped him upside and dropped him on the concrete.

The owner of the Caboose Bar, where the incident occurred , said on Tuesday that while Daley did touch the officer but he wasn't being aggressive.

The defense team will begin calling witnesses on Thursday.

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