Exclusive: Central Florida boy attacked by wasps released from hospital

Dad remains in ICU after attack in Altamonte Springs

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. - A 7-year-old Altamonte Springs boy was released from a hospital Wednesday after being stung by hundreds of yellow jackets last week.

Jordan Alvarez was in the intensive care unit at Florida Hospital South for a week. His father, David Alvarez, remains in intensive care at Florida Hospital Altamonte.

"The swelling is going down. I'm fine.  All I'm worried about is my dad," said Jordan Alvarez. "He saved my life. He taught me a lot. He's been outside a lot, too. He told me not to be afraid of the dark because I used to sleep with him when I was little."

While talking with Local 6, Jordan Alvarez recalled all the good memories he has with his dad, while praying for him to fully recover. Doctors and David Alvarez's family believe he is allergic to the wasps, which stung him more than 300 times.

The incident happened while David, Jordan and their Shiba Inu named China were on a walk in a wooded area near the Little Wekiva River. One of them unknowingly stepped stepped on the underground nest, disturbing thousands of the wasps.

"I remember my dad laying on the floor, only one hand, and I knew how much he taught me, that I got back up because I was worried," said Jordan.

Jordan recalls the people who rushed out to help, including one person he calls a miracle -- a beekeeper who lived nearby and heard screams for help and rushed out to help.

Jim Kunze threw on his bee suit and started pinching the wasps dead that were still attacking David. Kunze put Jordan in his truck for air conditioning while they waited for paramedics to arrive.

"He saved both of our lives. I was the first one to get in the ambulance. And they got a live wasp in my ear; they killed it," said Jordan.

Jordan said he is looking forward to seeing his dad for the first time since the attack happened on Thursday afternoon, even if his dad still has a breathing tube in. A child counselor will accompany him and his mom to visit David in the hospital. While they were both still hospitalized, Jordan recorded video messages for his dad, which his mom played to him when she would go to visit him.

Jordan said he is also looking forward to bringing dinner to the firemen who rescued him and his dad once his dad gets out of the hospital. And in his young wisdom, Jordan is now warning people so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

"Thank you for praying for me and my dad and my dog. I hope everybody out there, make sure they hear this because this is really important: Never go outside by yourself without an adult," said Jordan Alvarez.

David and Jordan's family hand-wrote a thank you note they asked Local 6 to share. It reads:

"On behalf of the family, we would like to thank Florida Hospital Altamonte ICU and Florida Children's Hospital ICU for their professional and compassionate, continued care they have extended to David and Jordan and continue to update the family. Also to the community for their prayer and support."

A friend of Jordan's mom has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise some money for the couple, who will be out of work for a while. Click here to donate.

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