Exclusive: Theft reported at Shellie Zimmerman's parents' home

Police called out for report of theft at home

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

LAKE MARY, Fla. - Lake Mary Police tell Local 6 they were called out to the home where George and Shellie Zimmerman once lived for a report of theft and damage on Thursday.

Police spokesman Zach Hudson said Friday that officers are investigating what happened to a television, couch and other pieces of furniture that had been at the house owned by Zimmerman's in-laws.

Police were called out to the home by a 911 call to 300 Sprucewood Road by Machelle Dean, the mother of Shellie Zimmerman. Machelle and her husband David own the home.

"We have a complaint that there are some items missing from 300 Sprucewood," said Hudson.

George Zimmerman had lived in the home with Shellie over the last year. Hudson said George was supposed to be vacated from the rental home by yesterday. When the Deans inspected the home, they found furniture and a television gone and unknown damage to the interior of the home.

"There was some damage to the house. Who committed that damage, I don't know. Was it there before hand, I don't know," Hudson said. "We're trying to figure out exactly what we have here."

Hudson said they are now in the process of interviewing all of the parties involved in this claim, including the Deans, Shellie and George Zimmerman.

The home is the same home where Lake Mary police were called out to earlier in September after an altercation broke out between George and Shellie.

In a 911 call from that incident, Shellie alleged that George punched her father in the face.

Shellie also accused her estranged husband of grabbing her iPad, throwing it to the ground and breaking it, but no one pressed charges after that incident.

Hudson tells Local 6 on Friday that they have decided to try to get the video extracted from the shattered iPad and have sent the pieces off to a forensics lab.

Shellie's parents also own a home across the street. No one answered at either home when Local 6 knocked on the front door Thursday night.

Local 6 reached out to Shellie's attorney, who said Shellie was still in New York when the theft occurred and didn't know about it until hearing from Local 6.

Zimmerman was acquitted in July of second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

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