Facebook's Graph Search is on the way

Millions haven't changed privacy settings

By Tara Evans - Executive Producer
Headline Goes Here Ariana McLaughlin/CNN

Facebook is preparing to release it's Graph Search to all users, but concern for user privacy remains.

Still-- Facebook said nearly 13 million users have not even touched their privacy settings, which means their information is at risk of being displayed during the searches.

According to an informative graphic on Mashable, of Facebook's more than one billion active monthly users, 28% share all-- or almost all-- of their wall posts with more than just their friends.

If you want to your friends to be the only ones in the loop, make sure you set all your privacy controls to 'friends only'.

That also includes photos you may be tagged in, as well as any places you have checked into.

Take a look at our ClickOrlando tutorial for more instructions on how to change your privacy settings.

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