Family accuses neighbor of shooting, killing pet cat

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

ORANGE CITY, Fla - A local family is outraged after they say a neighbor shot and killed their cat right outside their Orange City house.

So far, that neighbor has not been arrested even though the family says they know who opened fire.

Grant Eaton says his 11-year-old tabby cat, Kyah, was sitting outside their home on Friday night when she was shot.

Eaton's son witnessed the neighbor drive by the cat, pull out a gun and shoot the cat before taking off.

"She was the best cat a man could ever want," said Eaton. "I'm not a big cat person, but she converted me."

Eaton says Kyah would wait for him to get home from work every night.

"She knew all the kids in the neighborhood. Everybody petted her, everybody loved her, all the neighbors knew who she was and that's the thing we can't understand, even the man who shot her, he knew who the cat was," said Eaton.

Volusia County deputies are investigating the incident, but are not releasing the suspect's name.

"It was an innocent cat, you know, and just to shoot it like that, just for no apparent reason, it's ridiculous," said neighbor Ashley Baker.

Baker along with other neighbors now fear for their pets, even children.

"I mean why would you do that, I can't even imagine why someone would even do that," said neighbor Ann Pizzoferrato.

"If someone could just go by and shoot an animal for no apparent reason, what's going to make anybody think that you know they're not going to retaliate on an actual human being," said Baker.

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