Family calls 911 after pet cat 'lost its mind'

'Lux' attacked baby, 'taunted' parents

PORTLAND, Ore. - An Oregon mother grabbed her baby and her dog and locked herself in the bedroom. However, she wasn't running from a criminal.

Teresa Barker says her 22-pound cat named "Lux" took a swipe at her baby boy and then cornered the family. Barker's husband tried to fight back, but the cat "lost its mind."

Locked in the bedroom, Barker's husband called 911.

"He's charging us," Barker's husband told the dispatcher. "He's at our door. Our bedroom door."

"He started hissing and just yowling," Barker told KGW-TV. "Not like a meow, but yowls. He was really crazy."

Portland police officers were able to capture Lux with a dog snare as he scaled the refrigerator.

The Barkers still haven't decided if they'll keep Lux or give him away.

"Now that I have a baby, maybe it's not so good to have the cat," Barker said.

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