Family of Rollins College dean injured in Boston bombing

Patrick Powers says brother-in-law had leg amputated

WINTER PARK, Fla. - Family members of a dean at Rollins College were among the injured in the double explosions at the Boston Marathon, including his brother-in-law who had his leg amputated.

Patrick Powers, the dean of the Rollins College Chapel, likened the bombing to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

"For our family, this is like our 9/11," Powers said. "This was a terrorist attack that impinged upon my family."

Powers on Monday posted on Facebook that his sister, her husband and their son were at the finish line when the blasts occurred.

"All were injured.  My brother-in-law especially," the Facebook post stated.  "He had his one leg above the knee amputated.  Very, very sad, but he live to see another day.  My sister a broken hand ... Bill, Mary Jo and Kevin.  Please pray for them."

Powers said his brother-in-law, Bill, had shrapnel in his leg, prompting the amputation. Powers' sister, Mary Jo, had bomb material pierce her hand and his nephew, Kevin, had several cuts and bruises.

"They are all in stable condition," Powers said. "They came to watch the finish and they were unfortunately in the line of the bomb blasts."

A prayer gathering was held at noon at Rollins, with Powers speaking on the chapel steps.

Three people died and more than 140 were injured in the explosions, which police said were caused by bombs.

Authorities, including bomb experts, searched an apartment in Revere, Mass., and removed items, but investigators remained mum about just how the search may be linked to the bombing investigation.

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