Family shattered after mom, daughter killed in Orlando crash

Silvia Flores, Jennifer Flores die in T-bone wreck

By Sheli Muniz - Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - The death of a mother and daughter in a crash has shattered a local family. The pair were on their way to work at a mall when another car hit them in an intersection. The impact killed them.

It happened Monday evening at South Texas Avenue and Rose Boulevard in Orlando, right in their neighborhood.

The mother, 49-year-old Silvia Flores, and her daughter, 23-year-old Jennifer Flores, were at the stop sign -- the same route family will have to take every day.

"One second they were here, the next second they're gone," said Alex Flores, the mom's oldest son.

"There is a purpose in everything. Now we have to be his strength," Flores said about his father.

For most of Alex Flores' life, it has been the five of them; each of them with two jobs. Monday afternoon, as his mother and sister were carpooling to work at the Florida Mall, they were hit and killed by a Nissan 350Z.

Alex Flores told Local 6 he found out when someone recognized his mother's new car in the mangled mess.

"We were calling your sister, we've been calling your mom. They don't answer the phone. We went to your mom's job, she's not there. We went to your sister's job, she's not there," recalled Flores.

Rachel Rodriguez was at the family home for a small vigil. She was Jennifer Flores' Sunday school teacher.

"We are very heartbroken, we're very heartbroken by this," Rodriguez said.

"It's just, you still don't want to believe it," said Harriet Miragh, who worked with Silvia Flores.

Friends said they would describe the mother as a humble woman, her daughter compassionate.

Now, investigators look through surveillance video to see if the 19-year-old driver of the Nissan was speeding when he slammed into the family.

Flores said, "Even if he was, you know what, I don't believe he meant to kill my mom and my sister. he didn't. I want to let them know personally, I have nothing against them."

Troopers said surveillance video caught the crash. They will decide if the driver will face criminal charges.

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