Father builds spaceship simulator for child

'Real' rocketship for little boy made by his dad

By Tara Evans - Executive Producer
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Most kids have to take a household item and use their imagination to turn it into something more exciting when they want to play pretend. But one little boy doesn't have to think too hard to pretend like he's blasting off in a spaceship.

That's because his father made him one that rivals a real ship.

According to the Huffington Post, Daniel Sherrouse built the ship for his one-year-old son, Noah. He said he got the idea while his wife was pregnant.

"I wanted him grow up with something that would give him lifelong inspiration. That is why I built it while he was very young," said Sherrouse. "I want him to grow into it and learn and explore as he goes. I will be upgrading the spaceship as he grows up. No matter what career path he chooses I will be proud of him."

The spaceship even comes complete with a window AC unit, and includes the Pioneer: A Game of Lonely Space Adventure to make it seem even more real.

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