Father of Ibragim Todashev speaks out about son's shooting death

Todashev shot dead while being questioned by FBI

TAMPA, Fla. - The father of a Chechen man who was fatally shot in Orlando while being questioned by investigators about his ties to one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects is speaking about what he has learned about his son's death.

Abdulbaki Todashev spoke to reporters Tuesday about his attempts to find out how his son, Ibragim Todashev, died. The father traveled from Chechnya to investigate.

Abdulbaki Todashev said he's afraid the FBI won't do an adequate job investigating the shooting because it involves one of their own agents. He insisted that his son did nothing wrong and was not capable of attacking an FBI agent.

Ibragim Todashev was killed in May while being questioned by FBI agents and police from Massachusetts and Florida. Officials originally said Todashev lunged at an FBI agent with a knife. They later said it was no longer clear what happened. An investigation is being led by the FBI.

The top prosecutor in Orlando has said he will review what led to the fatal shooting of Ibragim Todashev.

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