FBI agent cleared in fatal shooting of Ibragim Todashev

State says Todashev threatened FBI agent with pole before shooting

ORLANDO, Fla. - State Attorney Jeff Ashton announced on Tuesday that no charges will be filed against the FBI agent that shot and killed  a Chechen man last year while being questioned about a Boston Marathon bombing suspect.

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Ashton said that Ibragim Todashev, a friend of Boston marathon suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev threatened the FBI agent and a Massachusetts state trooper with a pole before the shooting in May 2013.

The agent and the trooper were questioning Todashev about his involvement in a triple slaying in Waltham, Mass. Todashev was preparing a written statement confessing some involvement in the slaying when he threw a coffee table on the officers and ran past them.

The table struck the FBI officer and caused significant bleeding, according to the report.

The report says Todashev was searching for the samurai sword hidden by officers in his kitchen, and he returned carrying a red broomstick over his head and charged at the officer. He was then shot by the wounded FBI agent three or four times.

Todashev then sprang to his feet and lunged again, so the agent fired several more rounds, according to Ashton.

The state attorney's office said the special agent was justified in self-defense for himself and another agent after a review of the investigation.

"My finding was, under Florida law, a justifiable use of force by a law enforcement officer," Ashton said. "Once I heard his description of the first group of shots, and the action of Mr. Todashev, and the second grouping, the the shots in the back and the shots in the head made sense."

Officials initially said Todashev had lunged at an agent with a knife while being questioned. Later, they said it was no longer clear what happened.

The American Civil Liberties Union complimented Ashton's investigation but the group said it doesn't explain why the agent needed to fire several shots and kill someone armed with a broomstick.

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