FHP: Trooper trapped in vehicle after crash on SR 417

Driver runs off road, hits trooper's vehicle, FHP says


Local 6 has learned the driver who hit an FHP officer will be charged with DUI, driving on a suspended license,and for an active warrant in Osceola County involving drug possession.

Trooper Grady Lee was waiting for backup to get to a disabled vehicle, but before the 2nd trooper could arrive this red truck slammed into his patrol car.

"A vehicle is a 5000 pound weapon and in this case, this 5000 pound weapon could have killed this trooper," said FHP spokesperson Sgt. Kim Montes.

Witnesses said 35-year-old Jonathan Reyes-Roman had been swerving in and out of traffic before hitting the 10-year FHP veteran.

Trooper lee was trapped in his car for 45 minutes before being rescued. FHP said Trooper Lee is lucky to have only back, neck, and arm injuries.

"When this truck lost control and struck this patrol car several inches forward this officer could have been more severely injured or even killed," said Sgt. Montes.

Montes said the move over law most likely won't apply to this accident because its unknown whether Trooper Lee had his lights on while waiting for backup, but the close call serves as a reminder.

"If somebody stopped for a tire issue, no matter if it's a police officer or not, move over one lane, that way it gives them a buffer in case something goes wrong," said Montes.

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