Field work or no pay for pregnant police officer

A pregnant police officer has filed discrimination charges against the Florence, Kentucky police department after she said the city gave her an ultimatum: remain on patrol while pregnant or stay home without pay.

According to CBS affiliate WKRC, 30-year-old Lyndi Trischler is 7-months pregnant with her second child. She said once she became 5-months pregnant, her work became too physically demanding. Trischler said the heavy gun belt was crushing her stomach and she couldn't properly wear the bullet proof vest she's required to.

Trischler said during her first pregnancy, the department reassigned her to a desk job, so she asked for that assignment again but was informed the department changed its policy. Now, Florence said it "will no longer allow modified or light duty for non-work-related injuries, illness or other conditions."

"I was told that if I'd timed it better that I wouldn't be going through this. That if I had waited and saved up my vacation time and my sick time that I wouldn't be dealing with this problem basically," said Trischler.

She has now filed a discrimination charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The city's attorney said the city doesn't agree with the charge, but does respect her right to bring it.

In the meantime, Trischler said she loves her job but wants the policy to change.

She said several other police officers have donated their vacation time to her so she'll have more paid time off. 

Trischler has about four weeks of paid time off left as a result.

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