Fight to save Brevard 'Glass Bank' cat

By Justin Warmoth - Anchor

COCOA BEACH, Fla. - The fate of the infamous Glass Bank building in Cocoa Beach is pretty much set in stone after an agreement was reached to demolish it.

But now people who live nearby are worried about the demolition because they say a cat is living inside.

Cocoa Beach attorney Tony Hernandez's office faces the condemned, soon-to-be-razed Glass Bank building and everyday he looks out waiting for the city's eyesore to be torn down.

But a few days ago the cat caught his eye so he snapped a picture of it.

"We're always vigilant about looking at that building and I've never seen the cat, except for this one time," said Hernandez.

At first he says he didn't think much of it, but then he thought, ''What's going to happen to this cat when they raze the building?''

What he did next might surprise you.

"I felt compelled to do whatever I can to assure the safety of the cat. So, my law firm has elected to represent the Glass Bank cat pro bono," said Hernandez.

In his 20 years of practicing law in Cocoa Beach you can imagine that this a first and after letting folks in the community know about the situation, he's not the only one fighting to save the Glass Bank cat.

"It has taken about 5 years to finally get ready to take the building down and now this shows up. I find it quite amusing, yet I am all on-board with saving this cat," longtime Cocoa Beach resident Bill Geiger said.

Hernandez hopes Brevard County Animal Services or Cocoa Beach city leaders will take action and save the cat before it's too late.

"You never know. The day for the demolition 5 cats could move in. So there's a lot of concern about the kind of control. What are we going to do about cats sneaking in there? How many are in there? We don't know. Hopefully it's just my client," said Hernandez.

He says animal services will be talking to the city to see if they can get access to rescue the cat.

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