Financial advice for cutting kids off

Financial planner gives tips on handling 'boomerang kids'

ORLANDO, Fla. - Even if you raised your kids and sent them off to college, there's a good chance they could be living at home with you as an adult. They're called "boomerang kids."

Financial experts say parents can help their children find the path to independence without breaking their own bank.

Certified financial planner Nancy Hecht says getting the kids off the payroll and out on their own actually starts with practical training at home. 

"When we we're growing up, there was saving and checking and there was money in your hands. Today, money is thing on a screen, its not real to a lot of people, so they don't know how to manage it," Hecht said.

A recent survey from Coldwell Banker finds one in four parents believe its OK for kids to live at home as long as they want.

But a majority agree adults living with mom and dad should do chores, pay rent and move out as soon as they find work.

Hecht recommends that children keep records of their spending to get a better grip on what they'll need to become financially independent.

"Keep for a month a receipt for everything they've spent," Hecht said. "A pack of gum, a cup of coffee, so they could see where their money is going and what they're spending."

Hecht says making a contract with your child about goals and plans is also a good start.

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