Find right person, price for home repair projects

Websites do shopping for you

How much should it cost to repair a roof or replace a toilet in Central Florida?

How about remodeling your kitchen?

[WEB EXTRA: Costs by Zip code: | ] and are two sites that offer consumers an objective guide to understand how much you should expect to pay for those home repairs.

The sites are free and the prices are based on comparable work in your zip code.

Leah Ingram, an investment expert, and host of the consumer blog "Suddenly Frugal" has been using for the last nine years.

Ingram, a spokesperson for HomeAdvisor, says the sites make sense because there is no guessing or blind gamble.

"You need to educate yourself," Ingram says," Not only on the cost of the projects but how these contractors have treated other consumers so that you go in with your eyes wide open."

A new survey by HomeAdvisor found the five most popular spring projects and average prices for the Orlando area:

  • Repairing the roof: $500
  • Remodeling a kitchen: $20,000
  • Service or repairing an AC unit: $250
  • Painting the home's exterior: $2,000
  • Installing landscaping: $2,000-$3,000 

Ingram says while some projects are necessary, anything that includes remodeling like a bathroom or kitchen may or may not be worth the investment .

Ingram says it all depends on how long you are planning to live in your home.

Her advice? Check with a realtor because, Ingram says, "that person can tell you yes invest in a remodel here, no you're not going to get a return on an investment if you do that."

For more information on contractors and home project costs in your zip code go to: or

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