Fire chief investigates Oviedo chickens disappearance

Oviedo mayor releases 'chicken update' newsletter

OVIEDO, Fla. - Some residents and visitors to downtown Oviedo are wondering why they're not seeing chickens roaming the streets.

The chickens Gerri Sweeny sees when she visits her favorite store on E Broadway Street are gone.

"I don't know what happened to them," she said.

Business owners are seeing less and less chickens strutting on the streets.

"We've heard there are people that are bragging about picking them up and taking them off the fence they sleep on at night," said Amy Ansbaugh, owner of Atticus Printing.

Mayor Dominic Persampiere, has been getting calls and emails from residents who are concerned about the city's beloved chickens.

He had the fire chief investigate the chicken mystery.

"It just seems that some of the merchants that used to feed them are not feeding them anymore. The roosts that used to be put down there by some merchants have been taken away," he said.

Persampiere said despite rumors, he's not having the chickens removed by animal services, and he's not sure what could be done about people picking up the wild chickens.

"I don't know if it'd be a crime because they're wild chickens but you know, we'll stay on top it," he said.

The city released a "chicken update" as part of their monthly newsletter.
It talks about the fire chiefs investigation into the missing chickens.

"I think that they need to be here, stay here, so that all of us that live out here can enjoy them," said Sweeny.

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