Fireball in sky could be meteor, space junk

Maine man records video of streaking object in sky

SOUTH PARIS, Maine - Astronomers believe the fireball captured on video by a Maine man could be space junk reentering Earth's atmosphere.

Bruce York saw the streaking object while driving home on Saturday. He quickly grabbed his smartphone and started recording.

"It didn't look like anything that I've ever seen before," York told WMTW-TV. "It didn't look like any footage I've ever seen of a meteorite or a comet."

When York posted the video to Facebook and YouTube, thousands of people weighed in, with guesses ranging from an airplane fuel dump to debris falling from space.

Astronomers at the University of Southern Maine say they can't rule out the possibility that the fireball is a meteorite. However, the astronomers believe it is more likely a piece of a satellite falling to Earth.

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