Fishermen duck and cover to avoid flying marlin

Group avoids being stabbed by snout of fish

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ORLANDO, Fla. - A great catch turned into a brief nightmare as fishermen were forced to duck and cover from a marlin.


The tense moments were caught on a GoPro camera installed behind the three fishermen.

At the beginning of the video, the fishermen are seen trying to reel in a marlin that is hopping throughout the water in front of the boat.

Finally, with a powerful tug, one fisherman is able to reel in the elusive fish. However, the marlin flies onto the boat snout-first, forcing two of the men to duck out of the way.

To avoid being stabbed, one of the men runs to the edge and jumps off the boat as the other works to unstrap his friend from the seat.

Eventually, the marlin calms down enough to allow the fisherman to get out of the chair while his friend prepares to pull in the man wading in the water.

Flying marlin

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