Fla. pharmaceutical company shut down

Florida Dept. of Health Investigates "safety" of medications

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The Florida Department of Health (DOH) Friday, issued an Emergency Suspension Order (ESO) against  Rejuvi Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The order shuts down the Boca Raton business from operating as a community drug compounding pharmacy in the state of Florida.

"The Florida Department will take swift action to ensure the safety of medications compounded in our state," said State Surgeon General and Secretary of Health Dr. John Armstrong.

According to the DOH, a routine inspection of Rejuvi earlier this month , "revealed that the pharmacy was in violation of a number of statutes and rules relating to the cleanliness of the prescription department, the dispensing of medications, the compounding of medications, and record keeping."

In a statement released Friday, The DOH said Rejuvi had  been notified of the violations before  and "failed to correct them."

Prior to the emergency action, Rejuvi was reportedly" permitted to engage in the sterile preparation, or compounding, of injectable (parenteral) drugs and medications entered through injection or through a specially coated pill into the intestine (enteral)."

Under state law emergency suspension or restriction orders are not considered final agency action but are imposed when the subject's actions pose an immediate serious danger to public health, as specified by section 456.074, Florida Statutes.

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