Florida Bar clears Ayala's top attorney of any violations

Kamilah Perry has 6-month 'outside employment' agreement

By Mike Holfeld - Investigative Reporter

The Florida Bar has cleared Aramis Ayala’s executive director and general counsel Kamilah Perry of any violations after reviewing an outside employment agreement approved by the state attorney on Jan. 19.

That agreement allows Perry to transfer cases to her law partner for a six-month period as well as have “continued interest” in the firm.

The bar investigated a complaint filed by Orlando attorney Kevin Morenski, which called into question
Perry’s continuing association with her private practice, The Perry Law Firm, along with her current Florida Bar standing, which continued to reflect the address of her Tampa law office not the state attorney’s office.

Morenski was unaware of the outside employment understanding and argued that the alleged moonlighting was a clear violation of bar standards while she collected a $130,000 salary from state taxpayers.

In her response to the Florida Bar, Perry stated that, “While I am not actively litigating cases I am involved in decisions made for the operation of the firm and can be contacted by clients regarding their representation.”

In a letter to Morenski, advising counsel Kathy Bible wrote, in part, “Continued disciplinary actions in this matter are inappropriate and our file has been closed.”

Morenski told News 6 Friday night that he had not received any decisions from the bar.

“To date, the only response I have received from the bar came at 12:58 p.m. on Wednesday, May 17th, when Kathy Bible told me that she would be forwarding Ms. Perry's response to me upon her receipt of it. I have heard nothing else since then.”

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