Florida Gov. Rick Scott signs texting while driving ban

Sunshine State set to become 40th state with ban

MIAMI - Florida has become the 40th state to ban texting while driving, as Gov. Rick Scott signed the ban into law Tuesday afternoon at a Miami school.

The law will not take effect until October 1.

"Texting and driving is killing millions of people every year and this is an excellent first step for Florida," said Michelle Harris with AAA.

There are several exceptions under the new ban, including you can't text but can use your phone for emergencies, to get weather alerts and to look at traffic. Using a GPS is still allowed, along with listening to the radio on your phone.

Texting while stopped at a traffic light is allowed, according to the law. Drivers will only be ticketed after being pulled over for something else.

Harris says law enforcement will have to be extra vigilant to enforce the law.

"There's some definite clues to when you're texting and driving  you tend to slow your speed down  you tend to swerve in and out of the lanes you tend to not go when the light turns green," said Harris.

In a statement, Scott said that texting while driving concerns him as a father and a grandfather. He said state officials must do everything they can to keep the roads safe.

For a state-by-state breakdown on texting while driving laws.

Earlier Tuesday, Scott will hold a news conference in West Palm Beach to sign a bill providing state funding for his $880 million long-term Everglades restoration plan.

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