Florida Hospital East expanding to ease ER crowds

ORLANDO, Fla. - Administrators at Florida Hospital East announced Friday they'll expand the emergency room at the East Orlando Hospital, helping ease crowds.

The ER's current wait time is 47 minutes, but staff tells Local 6 it can fluctuate, especially later in the day when more people tend to visit. The hospital will build an addition to the ER that will double the number of beds and allow the hospital to treat 100,000 patients a year. Currently the hospital can care for 83,000 per year.

Capacity for beds at the hospital will expand from 36 to 65, which may ease wait times as well.

"We see on average 260 patients a day that receive emergency medical care and we really need to expand to care for them in a special way," said Thompson.

In addition to the new building administrator Mike Thompson says they'll upgrade technology and make the hospital more friendly to children. Thompson says that reflects more family growth in East Orlando.

Hospital staff met this morning for a ground-breaking, but it was non-conventional. No one actually took a shovel to the ground, but instead planted flowers to signify the hospital's growth.

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