Florida residents urged to report rare snake sightings

Wildlife officials seek info for research

ORLANDO, Fla. - Wildlife officials want the public to report any sightings of rare snakes, which can help with research in Florida.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is asking residents and visitors to notify biologists of three rare, nonvenomous snake species: Florida pine snake, southern hognose snake and short-tailed snake.

Research biologist Ken Enge says the reports of sightings can help determine where the snakes live and their status. The three species of snakes have been petitioned for federal listing.

These snakes are found in dry habitats and spend most of their time underground, only occasionally seen moving along the surface or crossing a road.

The public can provide the information online. Photos can also be uploaded to the FWC site to verify identification.

Reports can include live or dead animals.

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