Florida reverses course and reaches deal with Amazon

State sales tax will be collected once Amazon is in Fla., Gov. Rick Scott says

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Florida is reaching a deal to bring major Internet retailer Amazon to the state.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced on Thursday that Amazon would bring more than 3,000 jobs to the state between now and 2016. The company is poised to spend more than $300 million on new warehouses.

Under the plan, two distribution centers spanning more than one million square feet each would be built in the state.

The governor had previously said no to a deal to bring Amazon to the state. He had expressed concerns that signing off on such a deal would result in tax increases for Floridians.

Scott's office said that once here Amazon would begin collecting state sales taxes from residents at the time it is required under state law.

"Oh, wow. We haven't had to do that before, have we?" asked online shopper Dana Averette. "I'm fine with it as long as they keep the Super Saver Shipping."

The 6 percent sales tax would amount to around $6 on the average DVD purchase.

Currently, Floridians are supposed to pay taxes for online purchases, but there's no way to enforce the law.

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