Florida sea turtles have record nesting season, despite red tide algae

Number of hatched nests nearly double from 2017 numbers

NAPLES, Fla. - Despite red tide algae's effect on southwest Florida beaches, sea turtles set records during the 2018 nesting season.

While the total number of nests in Collier County was marginally lower -- 1,635 in 2017 compared to 1,595 in 2018 -- the number of hatched nests was nearly double: 743 in 2017 compared to 1,399 in 2018.

The Naples Daily News reports there were fewer hatched nests in 2017, mostly due to storms.

The county this year also had fewer "false crawls," which occur when turtles crawl onto the beach but decide not to nest and lay eggs.

The most common type of sea turtle in Collier County is the loggerhead sea turtle. In the United States, the turtle is listed as threatened on both a national level and state level.

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