Florida storm chaser prepares for hurricane season

Jeff Gammons talks about his love for being at heart of storms

Hurricane Irene as seen from space.

ORLANDO, Fla. - Hurricane season, which begins Saturday, might cause some anxiety and apprehension among most Floridians. But one Florida man is looking forward to the often volatile weather that comes with summer.

Jeff Gammons, a storm chaser and self-described weather addict, has been facing storms and documenting them on film for nearly 20 years,and his specialty is hurricanes.

Gammons said he likes experiencing hurricanes first-hand and sharing those experiences with those who might not be able to do so.

"My goal is to get in there to document hurricanes, which a lot of people don't get to see," Gammons said. "Either they're hunkered down or they've evacuated."

In addition to recording video of storms, Gammons reports what he learns to the National Hurricane Center. Investigators use his information to determine the intensity of hurricanes when they come ashore and make landfall.

Gammons' videos, photos and updates about his storm-chasing endeavors can be found at his website and Twitter account, @StormVisuals.

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