Florida woman sentenced for Duct-taping her dog's injured eye

Animal's eye had to be removed

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PENSACOLA, Fla. - A Pensacola judge sentenced a woman to 300 days in jail after she was convicted of animal cruelty for Duct-taping her dog's injured eye.

Mechele Potter, 46, also must pay fines and court costs.

Authorities say Potter called animal control Sept. 18 to report a stray dog in her yard with duct tape on its head. Investigators later learned the dog belonged to Potter, who had placed duct tape over its injured eye but didn't seek medical attention.

Animal control workers removed the tape and found the dog's eye was red, swollen and protruding from its socket. The dog's eye had to be removed.

Officials say the cause of the injury is unknown, but it was made worse by Potter's failure to seek help.

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