Duck with blow-gun dart stuck in the head spotted in Florida

Duck manages to escape capture

(File) Muscovy ducks wander in green pasture.
(File) Muscovy ducks wander in green pasture.

FORT MYERS, Fla. – A female Muscovy duck has been spotted wandering near a Florida community with what looks like a blow-gun dart stuck through her head.

Wildlife officials are investigating how the duck ended up with the dart and how it is surviving.

The Fort Myers News-Press reported the most recent sighting in was Sunday in the downtown Ft. Myers area. Business owners and residents have tried to capture the duck to get it help, but to no avail.

Melody Kilborn, the fish and game commission spokeswoman, said that in Florida, Muscovy ducks are considered non-native, and may be taken in accordance with state law -- but they are protected by an anti-cruelty law.