Bankruptcy motion seeks Casey Anthony testimony, documents

Attorney asks judge for detailed examination

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TAMPA, Fla. - An attorney for a woman suing Casey Anthony for defamation Tuesday asked a bankruptcy court for permission to question Anthony in detail, under oath, about her current and possible future assets.

Anthony was questioned briefly last week at a meeting here of creditors by the same attorney, but he now claims in his latest motion he needs a more detailed examination because Anthony "was unable to identify any details" about how attorneys, donors, unnamed "friends" and well-wishers were providing her support.

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Anthony filed for bankruptcy protection in January, claiming nearly $800,000 in potential debts and about $1,000 in assets.

Among the claims she is seeking to avoid having to pay – or, in bankruptcy parlance, to have "discharged" – is any damages eventually awarded to Zenaida Gonzalez, a woman with a similar name to the imaginary nanny Anthony blamed for the kidnapping of her daughter, Caylee. Gonzalez' defamation lawsuit is on hold pending the bankruptcy.

Anthony was acquitted in July 2011 of murder and other charges related to Caylee's death.

The motion, from Gonzalez bankruptcy attorney R. Scott Shuker, asks a judge to order a "Rule 2004 examination," during which the Anthony would have to bring documents to what is usually a closed deposition, where she would answer questions under oath.

The examination is needed, Shuker wrote, to determine "the full extent of (Anthony's) income and prospects for future income."

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