Baseball nearly hits Rays reporter during photograph

Picture of close call goes viral

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BOSTON - A Tampa Bay Rays reporter was nearly hit by a baseball, but didn't discover the near-miss until she posted a self-photo online.

Sun Sports Rays reporter Kelly Nash was at Fenway Park in Boston watching batting practice.

Nash wanted to take a picture of her experience for her family, who is from Massachusetts.

According to, Nash's producer warned her several times to watch out for baseballs flying into their area. However, Nash decided to turn her back to the field and snap a photo.

While reviewing her photos, one picture caught her eye. Nash discovered a ball nearly knocked her in the head while she was taking a self-photo.

In the picture, a baseball can be seen just inches to the right of Nash, capturing the moment just before the ball whizzed by the reporter.

"Most dangerous selfie ever," Nash wrote on Instagram. "That happened."

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