911 dispatcher caught sleeping on job

Documents show Brevard County dispatcher slept on job multiple times

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - A 911 dispatcher is under fire after she was caught sleeping on the job -- and it wasn't the first time, according to officials.

According to documents obtained by Local 6, Brevard County Communications Assistant Supervisor Hope Graham was supposed to be answering calls and dispatching officers on October 8, but instead at 3:30 am, she was sleeping.

Her supervisor, Greg Williams, noted, "On this particular night, you raised the radio console to make it more comfortable while you laid your head into your arms to sleep. This indicates that you did not merely 'doze off,' but planned this action."

Graham received a letter of reprimand for the violation. In it, her supervisor wrote, "sleeping on duty is a severe officer safety issue and will not be tolerated."

When Local 6 knocked on Graham's door Thursday evening, a man who answered said Graham was not available and that the allegations were "not true."

But according to the sheriff's office internal affairs investigation, it was not the first time Graham had been caught sleeping on the job. In fact, three of her fellow employees, including another assistant supervisor, "observed Hope Graham sleeping many times while she was working the Supervisor position, phone position and radio positions."

"When you call 911, you expect someone to be there and available and coherent," said Brevard County resident Karl Lambert.

"I would be furious. That's not acceptable," said Brevard County resident Emily Fields.

One of Graham's coworkers snapped a picture of her snoozing, but the sheriff's office  would not release it to Local 6, citing a state statute exempting pictures of law enforcement personnel.

According to Graham's Facebook page, she has worked at the Brevard County Sheriff's Office since 2002. In her written reprimand for sleeping on the job, her supervisor said if she's caught sleeping again, she'll face an even harsher punishment.

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