Widow: Playboy conman took me on 'strange excursion'

Scott Campbell contacted local woman online, she says

ORLANDO, Fla. - When Betsy saw Local 6's investigation into Scott Campbell's alleged 10-year romance investment scheme , she knew she wanted to help.

Betsy says she met the man she knew as Scotty Campbell three years ago via an online dating service.

"My story with him is probably a little different than the others. He tried to get money from me, but did not," she wrote in an email this week.  "(Campbell) took me on a strange all-day excursion."

She was slowly trying to get her life back on track after losing her husband two years earlier when Betsy recalls meeting Campbell.

It was "via a Yahoo! dating service (could have been Zoosk.com ?) in May 2010," she says.

Betsy still has his cellphone number, a 407 exchange that connected her to the guy who seemed more interested in talking about his" great investment opportunity" instead of her.

Betsy recalls Campbell saying he has one girlfriend "he has sex with."  That odd declaration came during a visit to her home in Central Florida.

She says Campbell kept pitching his great idea, an American Idol copycat talent show called "Give Me a Chance."

Betsy contacted Local 6 after seeing a report on Campbell, a small-time record producer who appears to have one artist, no studio and a dream, detectives say, has cost 23 local women more than $1 million.

Betsy recalls a few dates, but the one that stands out vividly is the one that had her wondering if she'd ever get home again.

"I didn't know what I had gotten myself into," she says.

The date started at a Chinese restaurant in Hunters Creek called 88 Chinese Food.

"He knew the people there. When I met him, he was with another guy," she says, adding, "they pretty much ignored me."

Betsy left her car at the restaurant and drove with Campbell to an RV dealership in Tampa. It was the start of what she calls a day long "excursion."

They ended up at an all-night poker game at private home in Kissimmee.

" It was mostly men and one woman," she says.  "There were kids running around the house.  When I asked Campbell to take me home, he said the woman would drive me home."

That was it.

Betsy says some time passed before he contacted her again. She never invested in his company and has not heard from him in three years.

Investigators are developing new leads on Campbell and are confident charges will be filed against him soon.

If you have an information about Campbell, you are asked to call the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

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