Cocktail job fairs: Mixing business and booze

New networking opportunity hits Central Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. - For the last few years, many of us have been happy just to have a job.

But things seem to be picking up. The latest numbers show that there are nearly four million openings across the country.

That means, some of you may be thinking about moving up. And the latest place to find work could be at a job fair at a bar.

On a recent Wednesday night, hosted its first-ever cocktail job fair at Bullitt Bar in Downtown Orlando. This event allowed professionals to network, find a new job, and enjoy free alcohol and food.

Seven of the biggest companies in Central Florida were there, including Disney, Orlando Health, Full Sail, and Orlando Utilities Commission.

"An informal setting like this lets people act a little more like themselves," says Marta Ramos, a job seeker with an I.T. background.

"They're in this atmosphere and they're able to have a drink," says Keithan Brown, a recruiter from Full Sail University. They're getting a little confidence, and they're able to walk up to us and say, I'm so and so and I'm looking for a job."

And that's the idea. Organizers say events like this help people open up and wow companies with their personality.

But, let's face it -- we're in a bar and the beer is flowing. We asked the employers what would happen if a potential candidate came up to them, and appeared a little tipsy.

"There's always etiquette," says Keshia Coore, a recruiter with Orlando Health. "I think when you're looking for a job, you always have to be on your best."

So, how can you be your best at something like this, and stand out from the crowd?

Experts say you should research each company before you show up. Also, bring plenty of resumes and business cards. And, of course, don't drink too much. tells us that the event was so successful, they may throw another one soon.

You can learn about it by creating a job search account on the company's website by clicking here.

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