Cocoa police search for man who followed teen to bus stop

Man approached girl in a white vehicle, police say

COCOA, Fla. - Cocoa police are searching for the man who they say followed a 15-year-old girl to the bus stop Wednesday morning.

Police say a man in a white Lexus-type vehicle approached the teen near Barbara Jenkins Street and Washington Street near the Joe Smith Recreation Center.

As the girl walked to her bus stop, police say the man yelled lewd, inappropriate things out of his window and even offered her money just to look at her.

"We don't need that, not around here. We have too many kids. This is public housing and there's a lot of children around here. So, whoever he is he needs to be caught immediately," said Treva Brown.

Police say the bus rolled up before the man could say anything else to the teenager.
Once she got to school, she told administrators at Clearlake Education Center about what happened and they contacted the police department.

Resident Daniela Wilson's 15-year-old brother, 4 nieces and nephew walk to the same bus stop every morning.

"I wouldn't want them to walk by themselves home knowing that a guy is out there talking to little girls that age," Wilson said.

Police say they're going to be boosting up patrols in the area -- especially in the mornings when kids are walking to the bus stop.

If you have any information about the incident, call the Cocoa Police Department.

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