Dating survey discovers women's first-date thoughts

Women discuss turn-offs, excuses

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ORLANDO, Fla. - A new dating survey claims to uncover what women are thinking during the first date and what they're seeking from single men.

According to the survey by Oxygen, 87 percent of women say bad body odor is the biggest turn-off and likely deal breaker for a second date.

However, women are lenient when it comes to second chances. The survey found 87 percent of women would be willing to go on a second date.

If the date isn't going as planned, women won't hesitate to make up an excuse to get out of a bad situation. According to the survey, the most used excuse is a fake emergency.

The women surveyed said the best place to meet a potential suitor is the bar, topping places like the gym, singles parties and online.

Some women want what they can't have, according to the survey. A quarter of women said they would go on a date with a man even if they knew he was married.

The survey also asked men similar questions and found:

  • Facial hair is the biggest turn-off
  • 66 percent would go on a second date

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