Digital driver's licenses could be coming to a smartphone near you

Tech company claims design of secure photo image

ORLANDO, Fla. - Virtual wallets are gaining in popularity. You can store credit cards and gift cards, but what about your driver's license?

The universally dreaded experience of going to the DMV may soon be a thing of the past.

MorphoTrust, a biometric company has developed a digital driver's license.

Drivers who want one would simply download a smart phone app

"You could verify yourself one of several ways either using a pin or possibly using a selfie," said Jenny Openshaw, vice president of state and local sales for MorphoTrust.

To further protect against identity theft, will have a slew of security features one, seems to come straight from a book about a certain boy wizard.

"The Harry Potter feature is just that the individual's head rotates back and forth. It indicates first of all that it's got live connection and that it's valid," said Openshaw.

Delaware and Iowa are among the states interested in adopting digital driver's license..

Iowa will begin a pilot test this summer.

In 2014, the Florida legislature passed a bill into law requiring "the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to develop a system for issuing digital proof of driver license" and to "providing criminal penalties for manufacturing or possessing a false digital proof of driver license."

Other states in the testing phase are also working to make a license that would mean fewer trips to the DMV.

"They want to make sure they can push updates out to that driver's license in real time. One of great advantages of digital driver's license is that it's not just a dead piece of plastic. It will have a live link back to DMV system of record," said Openshaw.

But with that real time information comes a hitch  and it's a basic issue of power.

After all, your good old plastic driver's license never runs out of juice.

So while your smartphone may not yet be ready to out-and-out replace your wallet, it's getting closer to the point where you may just be able to get by if you accidentally leave it at home.

If the pilot test in Iowa goes well, digital driver's licenses could roll out in that state sometime next year.

As for Florida, they're still working out the timeline for the sunshine state's drivers.

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