Doctors reveal secrets to young, healthy hair

Key ingredients may protect hair from aging

ORLANDO, Fla. - Gray hair, thinning hair, hair that won't stop falling out--it's a constant battle for men and women as we get older.

The latest numbers show that one in four women suffer from hair loss or thinning hair. Anything can trigger it, like stress, genetics, and what you're eating.

But doctors say the right anti-aging hair product could work wonders in making your hair look fresh again.

Take Marcia Richmond, who says that dealing with her difficult hair is like a full-time job.

"It's dry, it's frizzy," says Richmond.

But with a little help from her stylist, and a lot of trial and error, she's getting relief from the latest anti-aging products on the market.

"My whole personality is different when my hair is better," says Richmond. "I really notice that."

Strong, shiny, healthy hair is every woman's dream. But getting there can often be a nightmare.

"Hair can start to age anytime after puberty, but most people notice it in their 20s or mid 30s," says Dr. Allen Bauman, a hair care specialist.

Bauman says that by the time you reach your 40s, the effects can be even more dramatic.

Hair color not only fades, but it also loses its density, and becomes brittle and dull. That means that styling it requires a lot more time and energy.

"It's not surprising that the cosmetic industry is jumping on the bandwagon to try to assist men and women who are dealing with the effects of aging hair," says Dr. Bauman.

He says you should look for ingredients like caffeine, niacinamide, and panthenol, which all help support weak hair.

Products with silicone can also protect your hair from damage caused by combing and heat styling.

Doctors are seeing another product becoming more popular. It's called Viviscal -- a hair growth supplement that's loaded with vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Viviscal promises to keep your hair in the growing phase longer.

But, doctors warn that not everyone will see results. They argue that supplements like Viviscal can't help people whose hair loss is caused by genetics. In those cases, you might be better off with a product like Rogaine or Propecia

There are also warnings that come with Viviscal. The company that makes it says that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding shouldn't use it, along with people who have certain seafood allergies.

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