Everglades python hunt leads to mysterious jewelry discovery

Jewel-encrusted pendant may have belonged to passenger on downed plane

MIAMI, Fla. - Mark Rubinstein didn't catch anything during Florida's official Burmese python hunt, but he didn't come back from the Everglades empty-handed, either.

On his second trip into the wetlands during the winter hunt, something gold in the dirt along a levee caught his eye.

It was a gold pendant, with sapphires forming a cross inside a circle of diamonds. One edge of the medallion was melted and misshapen.

He later realized that he had been hunting near the crash sites of two airplanes that went down in the same part of the Everglades: Eastern Flight 401 in 1972 and ValuJet Flight 592 in 1996.

The pendant may have belonged to someone on one of those planes. Rubinstein hopes he can return it to its rightful owner.

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