Facebook testing new 'Collections' feature

Social network teams with retailers to enhance online shopping

SAN FRANCISCO - Facebook announced it will offer a new feature called "Collections," which will allow users to create wishlists and potentially shop through the social networking site.

Users will be able to add items to their wishlists with a new "want" button -- similar to the "like" button. Wishlists will be able to be shared among friends so everyone can see what they "want" to buy.

Users will also be able to buy select items off of Facebook without going directly to a store's web site.

Facebook developers say the new feature is still in its early testing phase. The social networking site has already partnered with:

Since "Collections" is first being tested, only some users will see the new "want" button. Others may be able to "collect" or "like" an item, while some may not have the option at all.

Facebook plans to offer "Collections" to all users, but did not say when the roll out would happen.

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