Fla. dog stuck under home for days

Humane Society dismantles porch to save dog

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CLEARWATER, Fla. - A Florida dog that disappeared over the weekend was found alive and trapped under her family's home two days later.

Delilah Gagliardi let her dog Allie in the backyard of her Clearwater home on Saturday. When she went to let Allie back in the home, the dog was gone. Gagliardi thought Allie had run away and hoped she would return on her own.

Two days later Gagliardi heard whimpering coming from under her floorboards and discovered Allie was trapped under the home.

The Humane Society of Pinellas County came to the home to rescue Allie. Workers tried to reach the dog by following her path under the home. They also tried digging a path underneath the opposite corner of the home.

When both plans failed, workers and neighbors dismantled the porch and dug a path toward Allie as she dug a path toward them.

After Allie was pulled from under the porch, she jumped into Gagliardi's arms and ran around licking the faces of everyone who helped save her.

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