Fla. woman records bobcat swimming from island to island

Bobcat spotted off coast of Florida during fishing trip

EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK, Fla. - A Florida woman says she didn't expect to see a bobcat swimming alongside her boat during a fishing trip.

Betty Bauman captured video of a bobcat swimming from island to island in the Ten Thousand Islands area of Everglades National Park.

"It was incredible to see a Florida bobcat swimming when we were coming back from fishing," Bauman told Local 6. "We have been there many times and have never seen something like this, ever."

Bauman says the bobcat growled at her as she got closer to it. She estimates it was about 3-feet long with a 6-inch long tail.

At the end of Bauman's video, the bobcat sprints into the forest of an island.

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