Florida airman finds family on web cam 4,000 miles away

Airman surprises wife with phone call during chance sighting

SCOTLAND - A stroke of luck; One in a million shot; Pure chance: All cliches that can be used to describe how one Florida airman found his wife in Scotland from his base in Afghanistan.

Airman Dan Corman's family was on vacation in Scotland. Corman knew some of the historic locations his family would be visiting. So, he decided to scour the internet and search for web cams set up at those sites.

To Corman's surprise, he found his wife almost at the exact moment when she was walking into the frame of the web cam at Eilean Donan castle.

Corman told The Scottish Sun he knew the woman was his wife because of her blue jacket. Seconds later, he recognized his daughter's bright pink jacket.

Airman Corman decided to call his wife to surprise her. According to The Scottish Sun, Corman told his wife, "You look beautiful today."

Corman went on to explain how he was seeing the family he missed so much. His wife brought his two daughters back into the view of the camera and they waved at him, according to The Sun.

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