Florida police officer arrested on suspicion of DUI asks for special treatment

Man asks trooper to look the other way, released video shows

MIAMI - New dashboard camera video shows a Miami-Dade police officer asking a trooper to look the other way after being stopped on suspicion of drunken driving.

WSVN-TV reports 40-year-old Albert Coriat was pulled over in Plantation on Feb. 16. The trooper who stopped Coriat says he smelled alcohol on Coriat and ordered him to take a field sobriety test.

In the video, Coriat can be seen stumbling twice during the test.

After Coriat is placed in the back of a patrol car, he can be heard asking the trooper for special treatment, officials say.

"I'm Metro bro," Coriat said. "We're all cops, man. Come on, I'm Metro. Please?"

At first, the trooper ignores Coriat. When Coriat continues his plea, the trooper tells him he won't give him any help.

"I haven't done anything to you, sir," the trooper says. "You did this to yourself. I didn't tell you to go out and drink and then drive."

When Coriat was being transferred to jail, he continues to try to convince the trooper to set him free.

"I'd help you out, man," Coriat says.

"If you had stopped me drunk, you would have let me go?" the trooper asks. "No, I'm sorry. It doesn't work that way."

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